Patch Me

This shop will be CLOSED from
August 17th-September 8th.  
All orders placed during that time will ship once I reopen.  Thank you for your patience!

The much requested non-felt backing  is here!  
It is ultra smooth, breathable, lightweight and durable!  

(The original felt backing is still available upon request)
I do have some inventory that still has the original felt backs, so you may notice that some of the patches do not offer the non-felt backings just yet!  These designs have been discounted.

If you have any questions, just email me!

 Like so many others, my inspiration came from desperation as my oldest daughter had a lazy eye at the age of 4 and had to patch several hours a day.  We battled through the tears and trauma caused by the sticker patches each and every morning for a year.  Finally, I couldn't do it anymore and I set out to find a HAPPIER solution.  I laid in bed one night unable to sleep and that is when this idea came to me.  I wasted no time...jumped out of bed and in a hour my first prototype was ready.  The next morning my daughter was thrilled to have a new CUTE patch waiting for her.  She slipped it over her glasses and without one complaint set off on her merry way. 

I made more patches and eventually upgraded my sewing machine and started to supply my Ophthalmologist's optical shop with a supply to sell.  Currently, they are sold in two major pediatric optical shops in my area and can be found on multiple internet sites. 

Many times I will be asked if I am enjoying what I do.  I immediately think of all the testimonials from parents telling me how excited their child was to receive their new patch and how much easier  it has made things.  That is where the inspiration comes from these days...desperation has been replaced with smiles :0)